Elegancka garsonka dla Mamy Wesela. Jak wybrać idealny kostium wizytowy dla sylwetki typu gruszka?

Elegant suit for the Wedding Mum. How to choose the perfect formal outfit for a pear-shaped figure?

Elegant Suit for Mom’s Wedding

What suit would work great for a Wedding for the Mum of the Bride and Groom? How do you choose a timeless costume with a skirt for a wedding, communion or reception? Here’s our pick today for an exclusive pleated costume in versatile shades of grey and white.

Our wonderful client, the Honourable Mrs. Edith Cinal
for her child’s special wedding celebration,
selected our elegant Mirela button-down suit in shades of gray.

De Marco Elegant Suit for Mom Weddings

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A timeless costume for a wedding, communion, wedding, anniversary? How do you find the perfect cut for you?

The choice of outfit for the most important celebrations, such as a child’s wedding and reception, an anniversary or a communion – is crucial for both our outward appearance and our well-being. So what to look for when choosing the right outfit?One of the most important things is, of course, choosing an outfit – a costume, dress, suit, women’s suit – that is suitably elegant and appropriate to the occasion. Depending on where the important ceremony is to take place, generally accepted rules apply. It is advisable to be guided by these in your choice – they were not created to limit us, but to help us!The second important aspect is certainly your figure and beauty type. It is important to know in which colour palette we look more favourable. Similarly, when it comes to our shape – it is good to be aware of our assets and the “more difficult” areas of our figure in order to skilfully apply the right cuts, accessories or trims. Knowing what you don’t want to show is just as important as knowing what you like about yourself and want to emphasise.

Our beautiful cream Muriel suit is an original and charming set with skirt. What attracts the most attention in the white Muriel suit, besides the beautiful classic line of the suit – is the fancy, pleated jacket sleeves.
This model, however, is not a proposal for everyone. Rather, it should be avoided by ladies with figures featuring prominent thighs. On the other hand, women with smaller figures, even boyish ones, will look great. The pleating adds the typical, feminine curves – optically evening out the proportions.

De Marco Elegant Suit for Mom Weddings

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Costume for a wedding, bridal or communion. Which skirt length should I choose for a pear-shaped figure?

The right skirt length is one of the key aspects for evening out the proportions of the figure and skilfully masking any imperfections. A common female figure is the pear-shaped figure, also referred to by many as the A-line figure. It is characterised primarily by the disproportion between the upper and lower parts of the figure. Most often, the shoulders are narrow and delicate and the bust small or medium. On the other hand, the bottom part of the silhouette is characterised by hips, bottom, calves or thighs. So which swimsuit is best for this figure?

Luxury Mirela suit, in white, dedicated to a civil wedding, sewn in a different colour for Mum Weddings and other important celebrations.

If you have a beautiful, feminine pear-shaped figure, the best choice will be outfits and suits with skirts of a simple, classic and not too tight cut, such as pencil skirts. This will “relieve pressure” on the bottom of the silhouette, shifting emphasis to the upper parts – especially if the jacket or blazer is designed to optically emphasise the shoulder line or bust.

Certainly ladies with an A-line silhouette should avoid skirts that are too short, or mid-calf length skirts. Such models will unnecessarily create a dividing line, visually shortening the legs. The best length will be to choose the length that is also considered the most elegant – half-knee length (with standard variations slightly above or behind the knee, depending on the occasion and knee ;) ).

An elegant suit for the Mom of the Wedding. How to even out the proportions of the figure?

The right cut of the jacket/jacket, with particular attention to the sleeves, will certainly help to balance out the figure. The key to skilfully highlighting the figure is a top that emphasises the waist and shoulder line. Jackets with embellishments at bust level, a prominent collar or shoulder pads work well.

A matching jacket sleeve is the perfect way to even out the proportions of your silhouette. Pictured: the elegant Mirela suit in a shade of creamy white, with butterfly sleeves.

For women with a pear-shaped figure, we recommend the butterfly sleeve, which will beautifully balance the differences between the upper and lower parts of the figure. The sleeve, which widens towards the bottom, with an additional pleated gusset sewn into the centre, will accentuate the top of the figure, balancing out wider hips or thighs.

We would like to thank our client, the Honourable Mrs Edith Cinal, for the opportunity to use the photos she sent us. We wish the bride and groom, as well as the entire family, happiness and prosperity in their new stage of life.


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