różowa suknia ślubna w stylu boho. Luksusowe stylizacje De Marco najlepszy salon sukien ślubnych w Polsce.

The most beautiful styles for brides. De Marco wedding dresses

Pink wedding dress. Original blouse sets with fishnet skirt. Phenomenal boho styling. The most beautiful bridal styles. Original wedding dresses. Bespoke design and sewing at De Marco.

De Marco pink wedding styling.

A stunning and one-of-a-kind creation at your own wedding – this is every woman’s dream. In order to present yourself at your wedding and reception in a style that is absolutely unique and perfectly tailored to you – it is worth using a bespoke design and sewing service. It’s a simple way to create the perfect dream wedding outfit.

A wonderful bridal creation, perfectly matching the personality and figure of the lovely Gosia Skłodowska, the bride designed and sewn in our Atelier De Marco – Władysława Frączek.

Pink wedding dress. Original blouse sets with fishnet skirt. Phenomenal boho looks.

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Designer wedding dress. Why is it worth it?

Pink boho style wedding dress.

Bridal fashion shops offer a whole range of dresses, from classic cuts to modern creations reflecting current trends – “straight from the catwalks”. Despite the huge choice – many women find it difficult to choose the one and only creation they desire. There are many reasons for this. The main one is the huge variety and the extreme speed with which new trends appear on the market. Another problem is the limited possibility of alterations and alterations. When buying a dress from a salon – of course we can make changes and alterations to fit the model to our figure – but these are quite modest.

Pink boho wedding styling.

A beautiful, extremely feminine creation for a wedding and reception designed and sewn to the client’s special order by Wladyslawa Frączek.Bespoke design and sewing is the ideal solution when we want to appear at our own wedding in the creation of our dreams.

Pink wedding dress. De Marco original sets blouse with skirt for wedding.

Taking advantage of the service offered by Atelier De Marco – by designing and sewing our dream wedding and reception outfit – means that we do not have to make compromises, as in the case of dresses available in salons. By presenting the designer with our expectations, or even our deeply and for years hidden dreams, in a professional, friendly and warm atmosphere – we participate in the creation of the perfect styling – reflecting our desires, character and personality, and at the same time perfectly fitting.

The smile of happiness on the bride’s face is the most beautiful decoration. Our beautiful client using the service pof designing and sewing a bespoke wedding and bridal gown in our Atelier – appeared in a creation unique and unrepeatable, highlighting her captivating beauty and feminine allure. We also offer available models of unique tailor-made wedding creations and sets..

De Marco Wedding Fashion Salon: Pink bespoke boho wedding styling.

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A “tailor-made” wedding dress for your needs

The most fashionable boho style! Original wedding styling from a designer from the Malopolska region.

Bespoke sewing and design is not only the perfect solution for women who dream of a unique fit for their figure and shape. Designing and sewing a bespoke bridal creation, from scratch, allows you to perfectly match the styling to your chosen wedding theme or atmosphere. As a result, the entire celebration will impress those gathered with refinement, attention to detail and attention to detail.

For our beautiful client, Wladyslawa Frączek designed a set with a long skirt that beautifully emphasised the bride’s perfect figure and exceptional beauty. The creation corresponded wonderfully with the theme of the wedding, which was dominated by warm, romantic accents in a glamour chic style. Romantic pale pink, silver and beautiful lace appliqués complemented by a symbolic garland on the head. A gorgeous bespoke wedding creation full of delicacy and sensual femininity.

We would like to thank Mrs. Gosia Słodowska for sharing with us the photos from this wonderful celebration and invite you to follow the blog SŁODOWSKA

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