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Styles for your Son’s or Daughter’s wedding. Evening dresses perfect for Mum Weddings

Long dresses for mum weddings.

The perfect dress for the Mum of the Groom or the Mum of the Bride is a combination of class and style. This creation must give a feeling of comfort, freedom and the confidence to look stunning. Our proposals today – Kim and Anatolia evening dresses, are models that you just want to wear again!

In the foreground

Although the wedding and reception are certainly special moments for the bride and groom in particular, the eyes of witnesses to these solemn moments will certainly be on more than just them.Although the parents of the bride and groom seem to remain in the shadow of the main protagonists of the ceremony, how they present themselves is of great importance in the eyes of all invited guests.

Subtle yet sophisticated embellishments
give the Anatolia dress a unique character.

It is worthwhile for the creations chosen by the Parents to be unique and their style to correspond with the bride and groom’s chosen creations.

Dress for special occasions

Nowadays, there are a huge number of styles available in the bridal fashion industry, often very original and daring.For the Mom of the bride or groom who wants a creation that is appropriate to the occasion, a great choice will certainly be a unique dress.

Exclusive gown for the Wedding Mum,
oriental style – Kim from the Royal Collection

On this day, it is advisable to limit eye-catching necklines or lengths that expose the legs. Respecting traditions, but also customs (especially if the wedding is preceded by a church wedding) – it is best to opt for a long ball gown, ideally chosen in terms of cut and colour.

It is worth pointing out that due to the particularly festive nature, we should choose gowns made of noble materials, which will additionally give the creation a really elegant character.

Subtle silk charm.

As white is reserved for the bride on this special day, for ladies who feel comfortable in lighter creations – we suggest the Anatolia evening dress from the Royal collection, kept in a muted light grey shade.

The perfect evening creation, dedicated
to the Groom or Bride – Anatolia.

This evening gown would be perfect as a creation for a Wedding Mum, thanks to its combination of minimalism and simplicity, with luxurious and sophisticated elements.

The gown is distinguished by rich embellishments of Swarovski crystals in the neckline, which, together with a silk scarf that gently wraps around the shoulders, gives the creation a feeling of luxury and lightness at the same time.

Swarovski crystal embellishmentsperfectly replace, even the most elaborate jewellery

Oriental inspirations

The Kim evening dress is a unique creation inspired by Asian motifs. The exclusive gold-coloured dress is distinguished by the use of phenomenal lace decorated with tasteful sequins.

Stunning gold and copper lace
invoke the beauty and mystery of the Far East.
Gown for Mom of the Wedding – Kim from the Royal Collection

The Kim model, dedicated not only to important ceremonies and balls, but especially just for the Wedding Mum. An airy silk train, stretching from the waist down, sits beautifully on the silhouette, adding lightness and delicacy.

Shades of copper and gold reflect the light beautifully,
and the silk train adds lightness.
Kim’s evening gown.

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