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Working in public administration. How to look stylish and fashionable.

Women’s suits and costumes for work.

Dress is not only a testimony to our social status, but also reflects the seriousness of the institution we represent. How do we take advantage of the rules of the dress code, while at the same time choosing a style that suits our character and personality? How do we look professional and elegant, while at the same time being credible to the people with whom we will be working?

The role of dress in creating an image for the officeAlthough we often try to overlook appearance for fear of being seen as too superficial – appearance is crucial in social interactions. How we present ourselves can be an important statement about us, our social status, our competence or even our values.What’s worth emphasising is that our physical appearance is a message – understandable to practically everyone, regardless of status or education.

Dress code in administrative work should inspire confidence,
testify to professionalism and reliability.
Our wonderful Client is perfectly aware of this,
Mrs Lidia Jaskulska-Grzechowiak, who in the best possible way represents in our costume the institution whichshe manages – Municipal Specialist Clinic in Toruń..

This makes it all the more important to take proper care of how we represent not only ourselves, but the institution itself, especially as a great deal depends on ourselves when it comes to dress.

Clerical dress, suits and women’s costumes for work.

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The dress code, which is a kind of dress code, is primarily intended to be an aid and a “guide” so that, regardless of who we are working with and under what circumstances, we can always present ourselves appropriately and professionally.

So, how should a person working in public administration present themselves? Simplicity and a certain degree of restraint should certainly be the basis.The outfit for working in administration should be distinguished by subdued colours, especially avoiding colours strongly associated with a time of leisure and freedom (e.g. bright, eye-catching colours).

Taking care of the appropriate image of the institution we represent, it is worth deciding on subdued colours, building an image full of professionalism and credibility – as in the case of the Hilaria costume..

It is worth abandoning colours that are stimulating or irritating, in favour of those that rather result in an increased sense of confidence in us, and in the body of which we are an important part.

Business etiquette. What to look out for in dressing for work?

When adhering to business etiquette on the subject of dress, too, we should pay particular attention to appropriate lengths. For men, trousers or ties that are too short are definitely inappropriate.Analogously, women should make an effort to ensure that the length of their skirt for work expresses respect for their colleagues. The most appropriate skirts will be knee-length or slightly past the knee. It is important that it does not rise more than 1 cm above the knee when sitting down.

Women’s suits and costumes for work.

The combination of classic elegance with captivating simplicity in the Adela costume, allows you to create a positive image – emphasising professionalism while not creating unnecessary barriers to contact.

It is no less important to choose the right cut in the styling, especially in the neckline area. The neckline should not show too much of a woman’s figure.It is worth mentioning that if the styling is based on a set with trousers, these should be of classic length. 7/8 or 3/4 lengths will be frowned upon.

What accessories to add to your outfit for work?

For a professional, prestigious image that will also encourage contact – let’s dispense with ‘flashy’, overly eye-catching accessories.

Complete your outfit or suit with pumps or stilettos with a medium heel. Leave the boots or sandals for a leisure look or a meeting with friends.

Also accessories such as a watch, belt or jewellery – should be sparing and not too intrusive. For both men and women, glasses are a key accessory with which we can add character.

Our Client, Ms. Lidia Jaskulska-Grzechowiak, Director of Municipal Specialist Clinic in Toruń in De Marco costume during the meeting with Jack Walkiewicz.

Remember, however, that the most important ‘accessory’ to a well-composed outfit for administrative work, by far, is a smile.Friendly, inviting contact and inspiring confidence – will be the best complement to the styling.

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