najpiękniejsze sukienki na wesele dla mamy

The most beautiful dresses, suits and ensembles for mum’s wedding 2023

The most beautiful wedding dresses for mums. Modern women’s suits and outfits in luxurious fabrics.

Jacquard dresses, women’s costumes and suits from Polish manufacturer De Marco

A truly regal design and glamour that cannot be ignored – jacquard. Here are stylish and elegant jacquard formal dresses, costumes and suits by the Polish designer Władysława Frączek, made for the most exquisite ceremonies.

A wide range of exclusive dresses, women’s costumes and suits made of jacquard fabric in our Atelier De Marco. The variety of colours, patterns and cuts means that everyone will find the creation of their dreams.

Jacquard in the salon. Advantages of jacquard fabric in formal wear

Jacquard fabric is an extremely versatile material. Jacquard has been popular since 1805, when Joseph Jacquard developed a machine that made it possible to transfer a variety of patterns onto fabric. Jacquard’s technique has made it possible to create a fabric that is extremely hardwearing, strong and at the same time stunning in appearance. Its enormous popularity, especially in high fashion, is no surprise. The thick and dense weave makes jacquard ideal for simple, dignified cuts, perfectly maintaining the designer’s form.

Elegant dress for your son/daughter  wedding;

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Jacquard is a fabric with excellent properties for creating beautiful, classic, truly regal cuts. Thanks to its captivating design and exceptional work with light – it allows for the creation of true fashion masterpieces. Such as our formal jacquard dress with the model of the flared midi dress Leokadia VI. A wonderful creation for the most important outings – weddings and receptions, anniversaries, galas, premieres, sumptuous parties.

Wondering what the fashionable wedding dresses for mum 2023 will be? Take a look at the latest jacquard collection of exclusive styles for her son/daughter’s wedding. De Marco online store.

Beautiful flared formal dress in jacquard fabric with matching jacket, with aristocratic collar – Leokadia VI. An exquisite going-out creation for the discerning.

De Marco wedding dresses for mum and mother-in-law, made-to-measure in Wladyslawa Frączek’s atelier

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Exceptional jacquard styling. Royal glamour

The most beautiful wedding dresses for mum. Stylish suits and outfits for women by De Marco.

Jacquard is a fabric that is absolutely captivating above all because of its unique design. The weaving technology allows truly spectacular results – magnificent geometric patterns or floral ornaments. Based on the combination of matt and shiny threads, Jacquard creates an atmosphere of luxury and opulence in the styling of this unique fabric.

Beautiful design, perfect shaping on the silhouette and durability. These are the main advantages of jacquard fabric appreciated by Women all over the world. Formal dress in jacquard fabric Leokadia VI..

The most fashionable and beautiful styles for a mother’s wedding 2023

Jacquard looks particularly elegant as a total look in the form of a formal dress, jacquard costume or suit. Complemented with the right, colour-coordinated accessories, the result is a unique, truly aristocratic creation.

Modern suit jacket with midi skirt Tamara. Stylish set for mum for the blessing and wedding reception.

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Styling for a wedding for mum and mother-in-law.

Fashionable wedding dresses for mum 2023, Elegant sets with jackets. Exclusive women’s suits and costumes De Marco online shop.

Exclusive women’s suits and costumes, fashionable suits, modern suits and the most beautiful wedding dresses for mothers.






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