Jak się ubrać na wesele w stylu boho? Stylizacje na wesele boho od De Marco

The most beautiful dresses for the wedding mum – boho

How to dress for a boho wedding? Styles for a boho wedding from De Marco. How to look exclusive at a boho style wedding?

If you are going to a boho wedding, it is a good idea to style it in line with the trend chosen by the bride and groom. What is the best outfit for a bohemian wedding? What should you keep in mind when styling boho to look stylish but also elegant? Here are our suggestions.

Exclusive dress Helena is a perfect example of styling perfectly in the boho trend. The beige colour and rich texture of the hand-strung beaded 3D lace perfectly captures the lightness and atmosphere of this style. The distinguished cut not only slims and emphasises the waist. It allows us to look perfect for a royal or glamour style celebration. Which makes this styling extremely practical, as long as your beauty type allows you to wear a beige dress, I highly recommend it.

A unique collection of exclusive dresses for mum of the 2023 De Marco wedding

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Boho style at the wedding. Where did boho come from?

The collection presented here fits perfectly with both boho and glamour style celebrations.

The boho style has been very popular among wedding planners for a long time. It is derived from the French term la bohème – which, since the 19th century, has been used to describe an artistic milieu that steadfastly fought against social norms and conventions. Another interesting term vividly describing an avant-garde approach to life is that of artistic bohemianism. Emphasising a love of freedom, nature and contrariness.

Styles that emphasise subtlety, agreement with nature and harmony. Elegant wedding dresses for mum De Marco shop Be sure to view the entire collection from our atelier.

In today’s fashion world, the term boho is used primarily to describe a trend strongly inspired by nature, gypsy culture or the hippie movement. Above all, we find loose, comfortable, casual forms, but at the same time romantic and extremely feminine creations.

The most beautiful dresses for the wedding mum – boho style wedding

Exclusive dresses for the wedding mother, creations that are romantic and extremely feminine.

Boho interior design is primarily a folklore composition, sprinkled with time-honoured elements in the Ludwik style. The whole is often bolstered by decorations taken straight out of abandoned factories. All these seemingly uncooperative elements are united by natural space and, above all, luxurious bouquets !!!

Rich floral compositions allow us to present ourselves in high-style looks that do not necessarily lend themselves to being described as boho dresses, yet look good against such a backdrop.

Fashionable wedding dresses for mum 2023

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The Exclusive Marlen wedding dress II is the perfect blend of regal classics, glamour luxury and boho style lightness. The natural ivory colour and rich hand-finished lace allows this style to fit perfectly into a boho setting.

When it comes to choosing outfits for a boho wedding, it is worth opting for those that will neatly combine the necessary elegance and class with lightness and favourite bohemian motifs – ethnic patterns, feathers, lace, tassels or floral motifs. Openwork dresses, embroideries and bustlines will look great.

Styled in natural shades of beige, écru and ivory, perfect for boho-style celebrations.






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