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How to dress for the opening of a company, a bank branch, a new premises?

The opening of a company, a branch or a new seat is always a big celebration and an important event. How should I dress for such an occasion? Are there any specific dress code rules? Here are our De Marco styling suggestions for this important event.

Our client, Ms Barbara Migdałek, wore a bespoke suit made from stylish jacquard fabric in the classic duo of navy blue and white during MCE’s 20th anniversary gala combined with the grand opening of its new headquarters.

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How to dress for the opening of a company, branch, subsidiary – De Marco’s business professional styles

The opening of a company, a new office, branch or subsidiary is always a big event for all those involved, be they owners, representatives or employees. This event is most often associated with an accompanying ceremony, a meeting with potential and existing customers or the presence of invited guests, often city, county or provincial authorities. Therefore, the styling planned for this day should definitely reflect this great event for the entire company and its specific nature.

Exclusive styling for the corporate gala. De Marco women’s formal dresses, suits, costumes and suits.

For important, historic events such as the opening of a company, a new branch, subsidiary or head office, it is important to ensure that our attire is of an elegant business dress code. Suitable will be creations and styling broadly understood as business attire – and the most recommended colour scheme – definitely considered the most elegant duet: navy blue and white shades, as in the case of our wide range of formal dresses, e.g. the beautiful jacquard blouson dress justicia formal dress or the stylish navy blue women’s tailcoat-type suit Mira complete with jacquard waistcoat/top.

Next to a formal dress, a women’s suit or a women’s suit is the best choice for business-type styling. Navy blue brightened with shades of white, will be the perfect colour for any woman who wants to exude authority.

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Patterned or plain? How to skilfully choose an outfit for the opening of a company, head office or branch?

How to dress for the opening of a company, branch or new seat?

However, determining the type of outfit is not everything. Many factors also need to be taken into account, from the weather conditions and the invited guests to, for example, our function in the company and our role during the opening itself. In addition to the colour scheme and the general type of outfit, it is worth paying attention to the material, texture and the presence of patterns on the costume, trousers or dress.The higher and more exposed and at the same time more official your function is, the more suitable are certainly classic colours and plain fabrics. All patterned materials are of course not a deviation from the dress code, but in the gradation of outfits they are naturally lower than plain, subdued clothing compositions.

If you have an exposed, representative role in the company, it is worth opting for quieter, sleeker styles, such as our stylishwomen’s tailcoat/suit Mira. It is a 3-part set, in which the jacquard fabric used on the waistcoat-top, with a beautiful geometric pattern, is an eye-catching addition, without overwhelming or dominating the entire styling.

Its advantage is the possibility to quickly metamorphose the outfit from formal to less formal – if, for example, after all the official part, we are still planning an internal company event. The waistcoat with an American halter neckline will go well with trousers, as a new, much more casual, but still very elegant version.

The Tailor-made customised client’s gorgeous granate-white suit jacquard thanks is perfect for celebrations such as the opening of MCE’s new head office, where we want to look elegant and stylish while softening our image and creating an atmosphere of joy and openness around us. This is crucial for face-to-face interactions with clients gathered at the event and the potentially interested or sympathetic public.

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