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Is it appropriate to go to a wedding in a floral dress?

Is it appropriate to go to a wedding in a floral dress?

De Marco floral cocktail dress Is it appropriate to go to a wedding in a floral dress?

Deciding whether a floral dress is appropriate for a wedding depends primarily on the nature of the ceremony and our role. If we have an invitation for a romantic ceremony and a casual reception to be held in a pleasant natural setting, a vineyard, a beach, a garden, an old factory or a barn, a floral dress is the ideal choice. Such an informal and rustic wedding style works perfectly with the floral motif on the dress.

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Can the mum of the wedding go out in floral styling?

Floral dresses are ideal for parties with immediate family, where there is a casual and relaxed atmosphere. If the wedding is of this nature, we can certainly opt for a floral dress. However, we must remember that we are still the parents of the bride and groom. Our role is a representative one, hence we are bound by certain rules relating to dress as well. The mother and mother-in-law of the bride and groom should remember to keep their shoulders covered during the first part of the ceremony and to wear a suitable length, also the neckline should not be too deep.

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When does a cocktail dress not fit?

However, if you are the mother or mother-in-law of the bride and the ceremony will take place with many guests in a regal or glamorous ballroom, such floral cocktail dresses may not be appropriate. In this case, it is advisable to opt for a more muted, elegant choice in a formal style. During the first part of the ceremony, we are mindful of formal attire, while for the ballroom part we can afford evening styling.

It is worth remembering that the right choice of dress for a wedding should take into account our tastes, but also the dress code, the venue, the season and the expectations of the bride and groom. By keeping proportions and observing etiquette, our styling at the wedding will be harmonious and appropriate to the occasion.

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