Najmodniejsze garsonki, kostiumy i garnitury damskie do ślubu

The most fashionable suits, costumes and suits for women’s weddings

What to wear to a civil / church wedding in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s…?

How to look unique and chic at your own wedding? What to wear instead of a traditional wedding dress to look original yet refined? We present the most fashionable dresses, suits, outfits and women’s suits in classy styles.

De Marco suits, women’s suits and dresses for civil and church weddings for 30 year olds, 40 year olds, 50 year olds, 60 year olds, ….. ;)

Enthralling proposals for weddings, not just civil weddings from acclaimed Polish designer Władysława Frączek.

Unique styling for church and civil weddings.

Elegant wedding costume with trousers, modern women’s suits, exclusive long coats for your wedding dress, the most beautiful toques, brooches, pins and wedding fascinators ” view the De Marco collection. Under “for a civil wedding” and under “wedding dresses” we present some of our creations. Ladies who dream of a unique dedicated styling are welcome to enjoy a delicious coffee and a meeting with the Design Mistress. Just call and we will arrange an appointment. 33 879 59 31 or +48 731 309 307

What to wear to a civil / church wedding? Dresses, women’s outfits and suits for civil and church weddings DE MARCO Tailor Made .

Fashionable styles for weddings. Exclusive white outfits and sets for women

White suit for civil and church wedding. The most beautiful, exclusive and unique wedding styles for the mature young lady. De Marco Online shop of Polish designer Władysława Frączek.

Although the most popular wedding outfit is still by far the long wedding dress, many women are looking for an interesting and original alternative to this choice. Especially among women 40+ or 50+ who are getting married – the traditional wedding dress of choice is giving way to an exclusive women’s costume, a feminine suit or a suit. Regardless of whether the wedding takes place in a church or in a registry office – a costume or a suit are the perfect wedding outfit options to emphasise the uniqueness and solemnity of the moment.

De Marco wedding suits

A beautiful and elegant wedding women’s suit, stunningwith finesse and delicacy – Lea.
The classic cut built on the basis of a pencil skirt and a short, fitted jacket with 3/4 sleeves ensures that the “strengths” of a woman’s figure are emphasised and the right proportions are given. The captivating simplicity of the line of the bridal costume is complemented by beautiful hand-sewn appliqués in royal gold.

Wedding sets for the mature young lady.

For women who are looking for an elegant and chic yet romantic styling – we recommend the ultra-feminine set of a short jacket duo with a white pleated maxi skirt. The Lea bridal set – is a kind of nod to the long wedding dress. Perfectly complementing the formal and slightly formal top, complemented by the airy and ethereal long pleated skirt.

Exclusive coats for your wedding dress or wedding suit.

The lightweight,transitional wedding coat Lea will be perfect as an outer garment of a wedding outfit or as a base element of the whole styling – instead of a jacket or blazer.

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Women’s wedding set with trousers. The most fashionable trousers for the wedding from the designer

When looking for an original, very elegant wedding outfit, it is worth considering ensembles and sets with trousers. A beautifully tailored white women’s suit is a choice that will provide us with a unique look while emphasising strength of character. In the case of such an important occasion as a wedding ceremony – we recommend opting for a suit that will distinguish itself from the basic business professional women’s suit – not only in colour, but also in a unique, extremely solemn form.

Women’s designer wedding suits.

Wedding trousseau – women’s Lea wedding suit, which is a combination of a gorgeous, beautifully embellished 3/4 sleeved jacket with classic high-waisted suit trousers. A timeless, exclusive women’s classic for weddings, not just civil weddings.

Original, sensual styling for a wedding – not just a civil wedding. Kwedding set with coat/extended jacket and high-waisted trousers – Lea. The Lea coat set is a creation in which beautiful hand-sewn appliqués and the asymmetrical cut of the coat, reminiscent of the train of a royal robe, give the whole a truly aristocratic character.

Luxurious wedding styling in white and gold.

It is complemented by a stunning wide belt with gold embellishment. Also noteworthy is the smooth classic blouse in natural silk, which fits beautifully into the whole composition.

De Marco The most fashionable women’s suits, costumes and suits for church and civil weddings De Marco bespoke tailoring.

The perfect complement to your bridal look – the Lea bridal fascinator

The most fashionable women’s suits, costumes and suits ideal for church and civil weddings.

Often, it is the perfectly matched accessories that ultimately give the whole look its desired character. In the case of formal day wear, which can easily be seen as a model for the bridal look for women, a hat or a fascinator is undoubtedly the ‘dot over the i’. The colour of the hat should match the whole outfit, so the most appropriate colour is white and its shades, identical to the wedding outfit.

The charming, fancy Lea fascinator is an extremely tasteful complement to a wedding dress, costume, suit or ladies’ suit. The great advantage of this exclusive wedding pin, is that it can be worn successfully by both ladies with long and short hair. It also looks beautiful with updos, especially buns.

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De Marco exclusive civil and church wedding dresses for 30 year olds, 40 year olds, 50 year olds, 60 year olds, 70 year olds,…. :D






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