Eleganckie sukienki na wesele dla mamy sklep polskiej projektantki i stylistki ubrań Pierwszej Damy.

What should the mother of the bride/groom look like?

Elegant dresses for a wedding for mum shop Designers from Małopolska. De Marco tailoring studio and atelier of Władysława Frączek.

Dear Sirs,

Elegant dresses for a wedding for mums shop – De Marco Atelier Władysława Frączek

It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to discover an exclusive collection of elegant wedding dresses for mothers, offered by our De Marco atelier, run by the renowned designer Władysława Frączek from Małopolska. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at how to choose the right creation for your daughter or son’s wedding to emphasise the unique character of this important event.

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Style and Venue of the Celebration

The first step in choosing the perfect outfit is to figure out the style of the ceremony and the venue. For weddings in beautiful, regal halls, it is best to choose exclusive evening gowns or elegant formal creations such as sets, dresses and suits in old money styles, which will emphasise the prestige of the venue and the solemn nature of the event.

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Outdoor and rustic celebrations

Romantic and elegant wedding dresses for mum De Marco shop

If your wedding and reception are taking place outdoors, in a garden or on the beach, in a vineyard, light and airy creations will be the ideal choice, as well as elegant suits or light women’s suits. These types of outfits will provide comfort and freedom while remaining elegant.

For ceremonies in old factories, barns or other rustic locations, we recommend choosing formal outfits with a romantic feel. The styling should relate to the venue, but at the same time emphasise individual style and elegance.

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Adjusting the Creation to the Figure and Beauty

Ekskluzywna polska odzież damksa De Marco garsonki, sukienki i garnitury damskie. Elegancki strój na ślub syna lub córki w pięknym błekitnym kolorze

A very important aspect of choosing a dress is that it should fit your figure and type of beauty. Bespoke tailoring is indispensable in this respect, as it allows us to create a perfectly tailored outfit that emphasises your figure and conceals any imperfections. The use of tailoring services guarantees the uniqueness of the styling, which is particularly important when you are the guest of honour, parent of the bride and groom, grandmother or godmother.

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The Role of Good Underwear

An indispensable element of any elegant outfit is appropriately chosen underwear. It should be plain, without lace, so that it does not show under clothes. The bra must support the bust well, which will optically slenderise the figure and ensure comfort throughout the ceremony.

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Elegant wedding dresses for mum De Marco shop

You are cordially invited to make use of our tailoring and design services at the De Marco fashion salon. You can see our collection of elegant dresses, suits, women’s costumes and evening suits on our website. We guarantee unique designs, top quality workmanship and an individual approach to each customer.

Best regards, The De Marco Team

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