W co się ubrać na Komunię dziecka? Modne błękitne stylizacje na Komunię

What to wear to your child’s Communion? Trendy blue styles for Communion 2023

How to dress fashionably and appropriately for your child’s Communion? What to look out for when preparing your styling for Communion 2023? Here are stylish blue women’s suits, dresses and outfits with skirt dedicated to Communion, christenings or birthdays from Polish designer Wladyslawa Frączek De Marco.

Communion trends. How to dress for your child’s Communion?

The most important family celebrations, such as a Communion, a child’s christening, an anniversary or a birthday, are occasions which should definitely be reflected in festive, elegant attire, both for the guests and, more importantly, for those closest to them. Communion is one of the most important moments, during which we should take special care to dress appropriately, emphasising the importance of the ceremony. So when considering what to wear for your child’s First Communion, it is worth considering timeless, classic styles and outfits that will serve us well into the future. Although there are many trends, and avant-garde cuts and bold motifs may delight, overly eye-catching creations, even the most interesting, are not suitable for the Communion occasion.

Following trends and fashion news is not always a good idea, especially when styling for your child’s First Communion. If you want to wear a fashionable and elegant outfit to the celebration, opt for one that incorporates the most popular current fashion motifs as a chic accent or accessory. Communion is definitely a celebration where it is worth presenting yourself in a classic, subdued creation that will impress more with its simplicity and class than with avant-garde patterns or lines. A perfect example of this are our exclusive, plain creations in a slightly faded azure blue, complemented with one of the season’s trendiest accessories – hand-stitched appliqués with feathers. Pictured: the elegant Siena I women’s suit , the trapeze feathered dress Fabiana II and the luxurious Siena suit with skirt.

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Important family celebrations – Communion, christenings, anniversaries. What to avoid when styling?

The most important rule for building an elegant and occasion-appropriate outfit for your child’s communion, christening or birthday party is to make sure that the dress code is adhered to. Although this is theoretically a well-known principle, every year we see more and more cases of ladies who, although beautiful and interesting, are dressed inappropriately for the occasion and celebration they are attending. It is therefore worth emphasising – the Communion or Baptism are events of a primarily religious nature, and therefore taking care to comply with the contractual rules regarding appropriate dress in church is particularly important. What to avoid when styling for a child’s communion or christening? Above all, overemphasising the assets of the female figure. Of course, feminine beauty should be celebrated, but everything should be done within reason and good taste. Therefore, all creations, dresses, trousers or women’s sets with uncovered shoulders, back, too short dresses or skirts revealing legs well above the knee, or clearly exposing the bust – cleavage will be inappropriate.

What to wear for your child’s communion? Exclusive Polish clothing from De Marco – tailor-made suits, costumes for women.

Slightly uncovered through subtle cut-outs – the shoulders of the asymmetrical Fabiana II cocktail dress is acceptable, but we will best express our respect for the place and religious rites – by covering them during Mass with a delicate muslin shawl.

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Trendy styles for Communion 2023 with trousers or skirt

In addition to dresses, such as our slightly asymmetrical, feather-embellished Fabiana II dress with a stand-up collar, we recommend women’s suits with skirt or trousers for communion or christenings. A carefully tailored, classic women’s suit with subtle accessories or a costume with skirt is not only a dignified and chic creation ideal for church, but also a styling proposal that can be successfully used during other important moments and celebrations, both of a family and professional nature.

The Women’s Siena I suit is distinguished by its beautiful, classic cut and interesting colours. The jacket is fastened with a zip integrated into the top of the creation, and the use of an airy and pleasant to the touch viscose blend makes this set provide a chic look and exceptional comfort. Note the fashionable motifs incorporated into the line of the trousers – both in the jacket and on the leg, in the form of openwork inserts with ostrich feathers. The Women’s Siena I suit is a prestigious yet extremely feminine proposition.

The Women’s Siena suit is the sister proposal of the suit, in the option with a skirt. It allows to beautifully and with dignity expose the qualities of a woman’s figure, especially shapely legs. Openwork inserts present in the trousers of the suit, in the case of the skirt, have been replaced by a hand-applied feather decoration perfectly composed with the decoration on the jacket.


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