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De Marco’s timeless style. Elegant black and white formal dress from the Polish designer

Elegant black and white formal dress, suit, costume or women’s suit from a Polish designer.

De Marco’s timeless style. Minimalist premium brand SKLEP ON-LINE, Polish designer, Polish implementation!

When preparing for special appearances, family celebrations such as weddings, or important personal or professional events, we want to look special and unique. This can be achieved by enlisting the services of an acclaimed designer, who will help us choose a look that is elegant and has character.

Our wonderful client Sz.P. Jarocka in a creation tailor-made in our Atelier – the Jurata formal dress, in a beautiful duet of black and white.

We would like to thank Ms Jarocka and Mr Jarocki for using our services and the opportunity to use the photos. We wish you continued professional and private success and many equally successful stylings.

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Classic and imaginative. Formal dresses from a Polish designer

When planning the details of a “big outing”, we definitely spend a lot of time choosing the right creation that will reflect our sense of aesthetics, character and disposition. The most popular solution is certainly to buy a ready-made creation in a shop, but this is associated with a high risk of not fitting perfectly to our body type, repetition of creations “in the salons” and poor quality.

The phenomenal Jurata formal dress is a creation ideal for women with an artistic flair and a modern outlook on fashion who do not like restrictions.
Jurata will be perfect for a wedding, when going to the opera, theatre or gallery. The pencil dress with fancy, airy black chiffon – leaves a wide scope for styling, making it a timeless and extremely versatile creation.

The ideal solution, therefore, is to enlist the professional help of a designer and stylist who, thanks to her developed sense of aesthetics, extensive experience and knowledge, will help you choose the perfect outfit, in which you will not only look beautiful and unique, but also timeless. The creations proposed in our Atelier take into account your type of beauty, your silhouette and the special occasion you are planning to attend, so that together we can create a coherent, elegant and unique styling.

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Formal, pencil dress ideal for cultural events

You can present yourself especially interestingly in the Jurata pencil dress during various events, during which you will “commune with art”. A visit to an art gallery, to an opera or theatre premiere, to a concert at the philharmonic hall – these are the places where in a special way, also through the dress, you can manifest your interest and esteem towards widely understood Art. The Jurata dress is a combination of the calm, refined classic of a cream-coloured pencil dress with toned-down lines, with energy and mystery.

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De Marco’s black and white styling. Timeless formal tailor-made creations!

Polish premium brands. Exclusive women’s clothing for prestigious ceremonies made to order in the atelier of Władysława Frączek. Unique coat-dress sets, modern suits, sophisticated costumes, fashionable women’s suits, De Marco formal dresses.


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