Czym różni się garsonka od kostiumu? Eleganckie komplety damskie ze spodniami, sukienką lub spódnicą De Marco

What’s the difference between a suit and a costume? De Marco

What is the difference between a suit and a costume?

Elegant modern suits

What is the difference between a suit and a costume? Elegant women’s ensembles with trousers, dress or skirt by De MarcoWhat is the difference between a suit and a costume? Elegant women’s ensembles with trousers, dress or skirt by De Marco

A compendium of knowledge for classy women

Women’s suits are a set consisting, as a rule, of a tailored jacket complete with a skirt and, in a few cases, a dress. The distinctive feature of this style is its two-partedness.

The  Suit jacket is designed to be worn directly on the body without the need for a blouse or top. Which is not forbidden if one wishes to do so. Modern suit jackets can take unusual forms, designed in a variety of styles – from simple business cuts, through diplomatic and formal designs to exclusive evening and ballroom creations.

The jacket in a suit is often fastened with a dense row of buttons, hooks or a zip. The location and form of the fastening are only limited by the designer’s or designer’s imagination and technological possibilities. The same applies to the length of the sleeves, where different variations can be used, such as butterfly sleeves, short sleeves, 3/4 length or long, formal sleeves.

Exclusive suits for wedding mums

Increasingly, suits are being chosen by mothers-in-law of weddings for the formal parts of the ceremony, such as the blessing, the wedding ceremony in church or the swearing in at the registry office, as well as for the formal dinner. The increasing level of organisation, culture and class of the celebrations means that impeccable formal styling is even required for the mother and mother-in-law of the wedding party. No women’s styling can match the royal appearance of a suit in such situations.

Modern wedding suit

Luxury wedding suits have become extremely fashionable and are a popular choice for ladies who appreciate classics. Women’s two-piece sets for civil weddings a fashion hit for the mature young lady of 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+ etc.

The phrase ‘women’s suit with trousers’ is acceptable, although the correct name for such a set is ‘trouser’.

Women’s evening suits

Elegant women’s ensembles with trousers come in a variety of styles and for different occasions, from church and civil weddings, communions, christenings, business and diplomatic sets to evening creations ideal for galas.

Women’s costume

A ladies’ costume, on the other hand, is a set that consists of a jacket or blazer and a skirt that requires a blouse or dress to be worn underneath, usually because the neckline is too deep. Of course, the dress or skirt must form a cohesive set with the jacket, or blazer.

The term ‘suit’ and ‘ladies’ costume’ most often refers to a set with a skirt, usually a pencil skirt, although it can also be a set with a mini skirt or a maxi skirt with a slit, as well as a flowy flared skirt. On the other hand, the combination of jacket and trousers may be called a ‘ladies’ suit with trousers’, although the correct name is ‘ladies’ suit’.

Fashionable women’s suits

The ladies’ suit has won the hearts of many European women and has become a popular choice for both business meetings, business trips and family celebrations such as communions, christenings and weddings. Its elegant nature and high level of presentation make it a frequent styling choice for wedding mums. Both the exclusive trouser and the women’s suit are also extravagant evening options for prestigious galas, theatre, opera and film premieres.

Women’s dress with jacket a suit

Not every set with a dress is a suit and not every suit is a jacket-dress set.

De Marco’s simple formal suit jacket with dress.

A formal suit dress is the base piece of this styling, sewn in the same fabric as the jacket, with no or trace embellishments. These are ensembles with a formal business style or a restrained formal look. Perfect for business meetings, conferences and diplomatic talks. The dress in such a set has no sleeves, or they are as short as possible, as the jacket is, fitted and two layers of fabric will negatively affect the comfort.

What is the difference between a suit and a costume?


Ekskluzywne garsonki, komplety z sukienkami i garnitury damskie De Marco
  1. Exclusive suit for wedding mum, jacket with skirt
  2. chic women’s set dress with jacket
  3. Exclusivewomen’s trouser, luxury jacket with canted trousers

1. Elegant formal suit jacket button-down and pencil skirt

2. Exclusive suit perfect for mums of weddings to blessings, ideal for family and corporate events

suit with formal pencil dress3. suit with formal pencil dress

  1. Elegant women’s costume jacket, blouse and skirt
  2. Fashionable women’s suit: marine, waistcoat trousers
  3. Business dress and jacket set

Business suit buttoned jacket with pencil skirt1. Business suit buttoned jacket with pencil skirt

2. Elegant women’s diplomatic set dress with jacket

modern women’s suit with trousers, zipped jacket with jacquard belt, beige trousers1. modern women’s suit with trousers, zipped jacket with jacquard belt, beige trousers

2. Beige women’s costume jacket with hook-and-loop fastening with jacquard belt and jacquard pencil skirt, a blouse is essential for the set.

  1. Luxurious evening suit unique jacket with skirt
  2. Exclusive women’s evening suit unique jacket with high-waisted trousers, a blouse is essential to the set.
  1. Exclusive formal costume jacket with maxi skirt, set requires blouse.
  2. Exclusive diplomatic costume jacket with pencil skirt, set requires blouse.
Komplety damskie żakiet z sukienką i garsonki dla mamy wesela De Marco
  1. Exclusive women’s wedding set for mother of the bride or groom dress with jacket
  2. Exclusive formal suit, short jacket with skirt .

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