Ekskluzywny garnitur damski do ślubu cywilnego.

Costume with trousers for civil wedding 2022

Exclusive women’s suit for civil wedding.

The creation we decide on for our civil wedding will have a huge impact on how we remember the day. With what energy we will experience this one of the most important moments in our lives. So it’s worth making an effort to ensure that the styling you choose gives you confidence, while also providing exceptional comfort. So how do you dress for a civil wedding to look and feel your best?

Exclusive women’s suit for civil wedding.

Civil Wedding Costume 2022 – Blanka.

Outward appearance matters!

Our outfit for a civil wedding, should harmonise with us, our personality, the energy we carry within us. Especially for such an important ceremony, let’s take care of high-quality materials, beautiful designs and artful accessories.To reflect the solemn nature of the ceremony, compose your styling well so that it gives us a sense of exceptional elegance and class.

The White Blanka women’s suit will work perfectly as the main creation
for a civil wedding. A combination of modern lines and original solutions, with classic colours.
Ladies who appreciate style and class will feel great in it.

White costume with trousers for a civil wedding. For whom.

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Gone are the days when the unwritten rule for ladies planning a civil wedding was to choose a modest, restrained creation. Nowadays, there are creations in a variety of colours and styles for both the frantic 30-year-old and the 50+ confident in her femininity.Among the styles we offer for the civil wedding, you will find not only dresses, suits, but also costumes and ladies’ suits.

The latest in our range of suits with trousers, provide a solution that is sure to meet the needs of both younger and older female customers.

Classic, broken white, is a kind of reference to a beautiful tradition – the symbolic white of the wedding dress. Also the suit, is a kind of wedding creation associated with the dignity and solemnity of the office and the ceremony itself.

Exclusive women’s suit for civil wedding.

The suit sets proposed in the latest collection are designed to break stereotypes and show wedding fashion from a completely different perspective than before.

The Blanka women’s suit, as well as the unique Eleonora set,
are designed to combine tradition and modern form.
The trousers, with their slit above the knee, create an impression of lightness and flimsiness,
while exposing the legs beautifully.

In the Blanka suit, flared trousers, cut at the knee line are combined with an avant-garde ladies tailcoat, stylishly finished with gold accessories.
This set is definitely full of surprises!

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