Katarzyna Grykiel w stylizacji z De Marco. Ekskluzywne komplety damskie, płaszcz żakardowy z sukienką.

An exclusive jacquard coat paired with a luxurious formal dress.

Exclusive women’s dress coats. De Marco luxury formal and evening ensembles. Fashionable departure sets in jacquard fabric.

Jacquard styles are absolutely unmistakable creations that cannot be ignored. Whether it’s jacquard trousers, a dress made from jacquard fabric or a jacquard coat, it’s certain that jacquard will add a touch of chic and the whole creation will have a truly luxurious feel. Why is this unique fabric so popular?

Our beautiful client, Ms. Katarzyna Grykiel in a refined,
attractive formal Hymena II jacquard dress from our Royal Collection

Jacquard – a touch of luxury

Luxurious formal sets and evening dresses with sheaths.

Jacquard is commonly associated primarily with fabric used in interior design – in the form of, for example, elegant curtains, drapes or decorative pillowcases. However, this fabric is much more versatile and, thanks to its combination of durability and at the same time much greater stretch than other types of weave – it is ideal for creating creations with a distinctive, avant-garde flair.

The most beautiful elegant dress and jacket sets from a Polish manufacturer.

Combine the Hymena II party dress,
from jacquard with the exclusive, long hymena W8 jacquard coat.
The styling together with the beautiful, cheerful smile of our client, Ms Katarzyna Grykiel
is a real guarantee of success.

Jacquard is an extremely decorative, double-sided fabric with characteristic complex patterns, synonymous with luxury and exceptional elegance. Jacquard was developed in the 19th century by the French designer and inventor Joseph Marie Jacquard.

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Jacquard formal wear – advantages of the fabric

Exclusive women’s dress coats.

The sophisticated and extremely striking patterns that characterise jacquard are not its only advantage. The popularity of styling based on jacquard fabrics is certainly also due to other numerous advantages of this beautiful material. First and foremost, it is a material of really high durability, thanks to which creations based on it will stay with us for years. Especially since jacquard is also too demanding to maintain and clean.Jacquard dresses, jacquard trousers or a jacquard coat – are also distinguished by their high crease resistance. Which means that even after a hard day full of activities and changing conditions, we can still look stunning.

Jacquard-based ladies’ formal set.
Picture: Ms Katarzyna Grykiel with Hymena II dress
with Hymena W8 long formal coat.

De Marco Exclusive women’s dress coats.

We would like to thank the honourable Ms Katarzyna Grykiel for her trust and for choosing our creations. We warmly greet you and wish you success in every area of your life.






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