Ekskluzywne długie suknie wieczorowe. Eleganckie suknie dla Mamy Wesela i na galowe przyjęcia od De Marco

Exclusive long evening gowns.

Exclusive evening gowns

Elegant dresses for Mum Weddings and gala receptions from De Marco.

A long elegant dress or jacket with a long dress is definitely the style we should opt for when we receive an invitation to important, formal events – galas, award ceremonies or anniversaries. What should characterise a women’s evening dress? What does a black tie invitation mean? Will a set with an evening gown be the right style for a Wedding Mum?

Exclusive Nunilona III set
an original combination of an exclusive jacket and a long evening gown.

Black tie. Evening wear for special occasions.

Exclusive evening gowns, ball gowns, gala gowns, jubilee gowns. The most beautiful long fishnet dress.

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When we receive invitations to various ceremonies, we may be told that the participating guests must wear a black tie. Black tie is the dress code, which usually requires men to wear a black dinner jacket with a (also black) bow tie. For women, a long evening dress or a luxurious costume with a long evening gown are appropriate styles for such occasions.

Long jacquard evening gown,
in the trendiest gold pattern pepito – from the luxurious Nunilona IV set.

A long, exclusive dress or evening gown is not only worn to black tie invitations. These are definitely styles for lavish parties after 6 pm, but also for formal premieres at the opera, theatre or philharmonic, for example. Definitely dress code type evening wear is also the right choice for various anniversaries, galas or award ceremonies.

Elegant Nunilona III evening costume
in shades of extinguished blue and white gold.

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Evening wear for women. What to look out for?

Exclusive dresses for wedding mum, special guest, presenter, organiser, jeweller…. De Marco long evening dresses 

The classic evening dress is certainly an evening gown, in delicate airy fabrics, maxi length. As an alternative to such creations, there are exclusive women’s evening outfits such as the sets proposed by De Marco Nunilona III orNunilona IV. They are characterised by the combination of a short elegant jacket with unconventional lines, with a long column cut dress with a sensual slit. It is worth remembering that in a women’s black tie outfit, a dress shorter than a maxi is acceptable – it all depends on our comfort and what we feel special in.

An exquisite set of nunilona III evening set
from Polish designer Władysława Frączek

A luxurious jacquard jacket for a long ball gown.

When preparing your outfit, remember that the jewellery you choose to match your outfit should also have a unique, evening character. It would be a mistake to choose a large or medium sized handbag – a clutch bag or small handbag on a belt or chain will suit evening wear.

For your child’s wedding and reception…or your own

Exclusive evening gowns

According to the dress code rules, an evening dress is appropriate for parties or festivities that take place in the evening. However, there are occasions that are increasingly becoming an exception to this rule. Wearing a long evening dress has long been quite popular at weddings and receptions in the United States, even though these take place at earlier hours. We can also confidently opt for a long dress or costume with a long gown in the case of a child’s wedding, which is organised in a particularly elegant style, e.g. a glamour wedding.

A glamour wedding and baby shower is the perfect opportunity for the Mom of the Wedding,
to wear an exclusive evening-like set – Nunilona III
An equally popular trend is two outfits for the Mom of the Wedding. Formal day wear e.g. an elegant formal outfit suitable for the Blessing, the ceremonies at the Church and the formal, more formal part of the wedding (until 6pm). Evening dress – for the remainder of the wedding reception.

In the case of the combination of an exclusive fishnet dress with a unique stylish jacket, we can limit ourselves to one styling. The elegant jacket will subtly tone down the ball character of the creation, giving a formal royal look.

Certainly, a long black tie dress and an elegant long gown costume will be a great choice for ladies getting married. For the occasion, the perfect creation would be the luxurious Nunilona IV ladies’ jacquard set – jacket with long gown – in cream colour with a fashionable and timeless gold peplum pattern.

A set for the bride – a long column dress with a slit together with a short, fancy jacket by Nunilona IV. The whole in the most fashionable jacquard pattern of cream and gold pepit.

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