Polish dresses for weddings. De Marco exclusive women’s clothing

Polish dresses for weddings. De Marco exclusive women’s clothing from a designer from Małopolska

Wedding theme vs Mom of the Wedding creation. The most fashionable styles for the Mum and mother-in-law of the bride and groom in fuchsia.

Organising a wedding reception will definitely make it easier to choose a wedding theme. Whether it’s going to be a rustic, greenery or glamour style wedding – the decision will also help to determine a particular colour scheme for the decorations, bridesmaids’ or witnesses’ dresses. It’s also worth ensuring your Wedding Mum’s dresses correspond with this choice. Here are our today’s styling suggestions for the Wedding Mum in the trendy colour fuchsia.

A formal dress or modern suit in fuchsia can be the perfect styling, for a wedding and reception in the trendiest wedding themes of 2022/ 2023.

Choosing a wedding theme versus the colour of the Wedding Mum’s creation

Polish dresses for weddings. De Marco exclusive women’s clothing

Organising a wedding and reception in a specific theme – determined by the personality and interests of the bride and groom – is still a very popular trend. The chosen theme is often related to the interests and passions of the bride and groom. It can also be a reference to a love story, the place where they first met or their plans and dreams together. Just as often, the bride and groom-to-be simply choose a colour direction, an aesthetic in which they feel comfortable. To ensure that the chosen direction in the reception decorations and attractions is consistent, it is worth considering the choice of creations for both the bridesmaids and the Mother of the Wedding and Mother-in-Law that will correspond with this choice.

A glamour wedding and reception is the perfect opportunity for the Mom of the Wedding to present herself in a beautiful, long Euphemia evening gown with a delicate, semi-sheer sheath.

A long gown with a slit complemented by a pearl necklace will perfectly match the classic and luxurious feel.

Any wedding theme that, like the glamour style, relies on chic accessories, luxurious accents and classic elegance – will be a beautiful backdrop, for Mum of the Bride and Groom in an exclusive over-the-knee dress in a pencil dress cut, with a beautiful shoulder surplice.

The Delia Wedding Mom’s dress, stands out not only for its sophisticated colour, but also for its zircons and sequins in the form of sprigs, which give the floral composition a dynamic feel.

Retro flared dress in fuchsia

Polish dresses for weddings. De Marco exclusive women’s clothing from a designer from Małopolska

Vintage, retro and royal weddings are becoming increasingly popular. The vintage and retro motifs are a “nod” to times gone by, mainly the 1950s and 1960s, when stylish, extremely feminine dresses reigned supreme, necessarily emphasising the waist and heavily flared – placing the emphasis on the ideal female figure, i.e. the hourglass figure. Lace is also very popular in both vintage style and, for example, a palace theme.

Elegant Celina flared dress – perfect for the Wedding Mum, for a retro style party.
Beautifully marked waist, further accentuated by a belt with a floral motif.
Chic, class and girlish charm.

Princess ball gown in 7/8 length – Elena. A beautiful floral, three-dimensional decoration, it fits perfectly with the style of a retro wedding or palace theme.
The Elena ball gown will also look great at a wedding with a Disney fairy tale or fairy tale theme.

The most fashionable wedding dresses with a theme, fashion trends 2022 / 2023

Among the themes that are extremely popular this season, there is also certainly a wedding in shades of blue – dusty blue or blue, often also with a nautical theme. Fuchsia blends in beautifully with blues of varying saturation to form an unconventional, inspiring duo.An equally interesting combination will also be fuchsia with dark greens – hence the trendy greenery or enchanted forest theme – the perfect canvas for a beautiful Wedding Mum in a sensual fuchsia-coloured dress or a fuchsia-coloured, modern suit.

The unconventional, modern and daring line of the asymmetrical Nymph wedding dress and the intense colour- is sure to attract more than one delighted glance from the guests gathered at the wedding. The Nymph is perfect not only for a wedding with a nautical theme, but also for a bold futuristic style party.

The Exclusive, fitted Patricia dress for Wedding Mums, in fuchsia, is an option that is sure to work for a glamour wedding reception, in shades of blue, or for a wedding with a pastel or dusty rose theme colour.

Not only comfort and convenience, but also a chic, truly elegant look. Elegant set with Milona IV skirt dedicated to the elegant woman not only for the wedding party.

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Polish dresses for weddings. De Marco exclusive women’s clothing from a designer from Małopolska

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Motyw przewodni wesela a kreacja Mamy Wesela. Najmodniejsze stylizacje dla Mamy i teściowej Pary Młodej w kolorze fuksji.
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