Eleganckie komplety damskie żakiet ze sukienką

Luxury brands De Marco online shop. Elegant women’s ensembles

Elegant women’s ensembles

Elegance and style from the 1950s and 1960s is the inspiration for our exclusive business collection, in cream and pyrite. Avant-garde women’s diplomatic and business creations, such as the bucket jacket paired with a pencil dress, take us back to the atmosphere of this chic era.

Elegant jacket and dress sets for women

Dresses with jacket elegant styling for corporate events, family celebrations, De Marco online shop .

Awangardowe kobiece kreacje dyplomatyczne i biznesowe żakiet kubełkowy z sukienką ołówkową.

A classic bucket jacket, embellished with beautiful cubist pockets to match the base dress. This elegant set perfectly references the style of fashion icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The second set is a pencil dress in a shade of pyrite, dressed under a short, cream-coloured jacket, zipped up at the back.

Both versions of the dress are sleeveless and the jacket is an integral part of the styling, indispensable for formal events. These business styles are ideal for autumn occasions, especially for women seeking diplomatic elegance. Made of cream acrylic with copper appliqué, they make the perfect set for businesswomen, teachers, educators or professors, whether for the start of the school year or the inauguration of the academic year.

Accessories for 50s and 60s style creations.

These are gloves in a soft cream shade and a clutch bag. The shoes are covered-toe pumps in a minimalist style, a natural extension of the base dress. For the pyrite-coloured dress, shoes in a similar shade, and for the cream-coloured base dress, shoes also in this tone.

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Elegant women’s ensembles for pear and hourglass body types

Our exclusive women’s ensembles are perfect for a variety of figure types, including pear and hourglass. The styles perfectly balance out the body proportions, creating harmony for hip-laden silhouettes, as well as enhancing the beauty of the hourglass figure.

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rozświetlające i awangardowe komplety damskie, szyte na miarę w Salonie Mody De Marco, które zapewniają nie tylko elegancję, ale także wyjątkowy wygląd, oddając hołd legendarnemu stylowi lat 50. i 60

These are beautiful, illuminating and avant-garde women’s ensembles, tailor-made at the De Marco Fashion Showroom, which provide not only elegance but also a unique look, paying homage to the legendary style of the 50s and 60s.


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