Mama Młodej Pani i Młodego Pana – Jak Pięknie Wyglądać na Weselu? Najpiękniejsze garsonki na błogosławieństwo dla 50 latki, 60 latki

Mum of the Bride and Groom – How to Look Beautiful at a Wedding?

The Most Beautiful Mom of the Bride and Groom – How to Look Beautiful at a Wedding? Modern suits and elegant dresses for daughter/son wedding

Dear Sirs,

A child’s wedding and reception is an extremely special event where we want to present ourselves with the utmost elegance and class. To achieve this, there are a few key styling aspects to consider that will help us dazzle all our guests.

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Style and Character of the Celebration

To begin with, it is important to get an idea of the style of the ceremony. Will it be held in an elegant ballroom, outdoors, or perhaps in the rustic interior of old factories or barns? This fundamental question determines the choice of the right creation.

  1. Exclusive ballrooms: For celebrations at such venues, opt for exclusive evening gowns or elegant formal creations. Long, refined gowns in high-quality materials such as silk, embroidery or viscose will be the ideal choice.
  2. Outdoor parties: For outdoor weddings, opt for light, airy outfits that offer comfort and freedom of movement. Elegant jumpsuits or dresses work well in such conditions.
  3. Rustic style: For ceremonies in old factories or barns, we recommend formal creations with a romantic feel. Delicate lace dresses, pastel colours and subtle accessories will be a hit here.

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Tailoring the Creation to the Silhouette and Style

Najpiękniejsze suknie i sukienki dla matki weselnej. Złote stylizacje na ślub syna lub córki

When choosing a creation, always confront the information about the nature of the celebration with your own style, figure type and skin colour. A very important element is the correct adjustment of the size to the figure, which is naturally best ensured by bespoke tailoring.

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Sewing to Measure – Unique dresses and elegant gowns for weddings

There are many advantages to using a tailoring service. First and foremost, it ensures less repetitive styling, which is crucial when we hold an important function at a ceremony, are the guest of honour, a parent of the bride and groom, a grandmother or a godmother. Unique products emphasise our uniqueness and add to our self-confidence.

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Good Underwear – The Basis of Elegance

Let’s not forget the essential element of good styling, which is the right underwear. Smooth, laceless underwear, ideally matched to your outfit, is essential. In the case of a bra, it should be well-fitted, firmly supporting the bust, which optically slims the silhouette.

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Welcome to De Marco

We highly recommend the tailoring and design services at the De Marco fashion salon. You can view our collection of exclusive creations on our website. We offer a wide selection of dresses, suits, women’s costumes and evening suits that will be perfect for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Eleganckie sukienki, garsonki i komplety ze spodniami na wesele. Krawiectwo miarowe De Marco

We invite you to visit our salon, where each lady will find something special to emphasise her style and personality on her special day.

Best regards, The De Marco Team

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