Stylizacje na rocznicę ślubną oraz do ślubu cywilnego dla kobiet w dojrzałym wieku. hit na rocznicę ślubu do ślubu cywilnego De Marco szycie na miarę

This is a real HIT for a wedding anniversary to a civil wedding.

Sophisticated accessories to formal outfits are a hit for wedding anniversaries.

Extremely effective and exclusive additions to formal outfits are a remarkable solution for women who love class and style.

Styling for wedding anniversary and civil wedding for mature women.

Choosing the right outfit depends on the nature of the celebration the bride and groom are having, whether it’s a modest party with loved ones or a grand ball.

For formal balls and larger receptions, we can opt for long ball gowns in light shades of white, cream or beige. These colours beautifully accentuate the bride’s role, giving her delicacy and subtlety.

For a garden or beach party, on the other hand, we can go for cocktail style or boho, light and airy creations that will fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of a summer celebration.

Restaurant or hotel receptions call for elegant formal styling, which can be broken up with fancy accessories that add character and uniqueness to the outfit.

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Luxury accessories are an economical solution for practical women.

For an impeccable base styling such as a formal dress, a suit or a set with trousers, we select tasteful rich accessories of zircons, pearls, feathers. Unique original handicrafts dedicated to the base styling are welcome. Using the same fabric. Then we will get the desired effect, a sophisticated but not overdressed creation. Exclusive belts with a unique floral composition or embroidered gloves are wonderful accessories that will emphasise individual style.

Also offbeat are unique handmade pin-ups, which can adorn a base dress or skirt to add a glamorous vibe. Well-chosen shoes and a handbag are also an essential part of the overall look.

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HIT for wedding anniversary and civil marriage

Luxury accessories De Marco. Online shop for branded women’s tailored clothing online.

De Marco is a brand offering exclusive bespoke women’s styling, including dresses, suits, costumes and formal style women’s suits, along with unique accessories, pins, belts and gloves. The designs are highly effective and classic, perfect for a wedding anniversary or civil wedding. The luxurious accessories on offer make the creations unique and are the perfect choice for women who appreciate classics, style and originality.


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