Mecenas Anna Bufnal zaprezentowała się, w przepięknym żakiecie w stylu business professional, z kostiumu De Marco

HIT of the season!!! A revolution in business and diplomatic fashion

Intensive colours in business and diplomatic fashion. Women’s outfits and suits for work De Marco branded clothes of very good quality, made-to-measure in the Małopolska region. Original cuts in intense colours!

This season’s fashion HIT! Intense colours for business and diplomatic styles.

Intense colours are a great way to stand out at work, in the office or during business meetings. A woman’s business or diplomatic outfit in an expressive colour, matched to her beauty type, can help build the image of a Successful Woman and bring out the strengths of her character. We present the elegant De Marco business and diplomatic outfit in the most fashionable colour of 2023 – magenta.

A professional business image is often decisive for success. While our competences, character predispositions are visible only after time – the first impression, both in business and diplomatic contacts as well as in contacts with clients – is crucial for further cooperation. In the photo – our Client, Mecenas Anna Bufnal, owner of the Law Firm, expert in the programme “Wolni od długów” broadcast on Polsat – for years has been skilfully building her image of a professional, consciously choosing stylish outfits full of character. Attorney Anna Bufnal presented herself, in a beautiful business professional style jacket, from the De Marco Sophie II in the most fashionable colour of this year – dark magenta.

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Intense colours in business and diplomatic fashion

HIT of the season, businesswear for women in magenta colours

Building a professional image for a woman does not at all preclude the use of colours, even if they are quite distinctive and eye-catching. A certain limitation in business and diplomatic fashion is certainly encountered by men, who as a rule limit themselves to subdued colours – navy blue, ash and black – especially during meetings and events with the highest degree of formality.For women’s wardrobe, the colours allowed in business attire are definitely much more varied. A suit, costume or ladies’ suit does not have to be navy blue at all. Only bright colours are definitely inappropriate.

Successful women do not have to sacrifice colour to look professional and with character. The key is to avoid bright colours and to skilfully choose styles in shades and cuts that emphasise beauty and figure. Choosing a business suit, suit or women’s suit for work other than navy blue – can not only help build a professional image, but also allow us to present ourselves to colleagues, business partners or clients from a completely different angle. Pictured – a beautiful and stylish women’s business suit in dark magenta – Sophie II..

Business costume in intense colour – advantages

Styling for work, the office or diplomatic meetings in energetic, intense colours has a number of advantages. One of the most important is definitely the possibility to express individual style and personality. In this way, we present ourselves not only as a competent and professional person, but also interesting and inspiring to those around us.Businesswear in interesting colours is also an excellent way to skilfully emphasise figure assets and cover up possible imperfections. Colours can effectively divert attention from a fuller belly or thighs. Skilfully combined with a figure-friendly cut, they can even out proportions, shorten or lengthen the silhouette.

Elegant Sophie II costume in a beautiful dark magenta colour. The perfect choice for the Successful Woman.

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The importance of colour in business and diplomatic fashion De Marco

When used in styling for work, the office, conferences or business meetings, the shades are also of great importance because of the emotions and associations they convey. Of course, their pronunciation depends to a large extent on cultural background – however, it can be assumed that in our cultural circle the reception of the chosen colours is fairly uniform.Blue and black in a duo with illuminating shades of white are certainly considered the colours of authority. White has great significance here – not only does it illuminate the face and rejuvenate, but it is also associated with honesty and integrity. Shades of red are generally colours strongly associated with energy, dynamism and power. They are the colours of power, which are especially great when we want to draw attention to ourselves or the content and ideas we represent. Shades of blue or violet, on the other hand, are great for creative and imaginative people.Awareness of the power of colours and their impact is of great importance, especially on the so-called first contact effect. So it is worth taking advantage of colours and their power to influence the subconscious.

Znaczenie kolorów w modzie biznesowej i dyplomatycznej De Marco


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