Ponadczasowy motyw pepitki w modnych stylizacjach biznesowych

Timeless peplum motif for fashionable business looks

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The pepito motif is one of the most popular and graceful patterns in both men’s and women’s creations. Pepito is, a pattern that is perfect for styling for work, the office and business meetings. Here are our suggestions with the timeless pepito pattern in the lead.

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Pepito for special tasks. Exclusive business women’s sets with pepito pattern

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The pepito pattern has long been a symbol of wealth, style and timeless elegance. The basic pattern consists of the classic duo of black and white, although other colour versions of this motif are of course now available. Nevertheless, it is always based on a refined combination of contrasting shades – dark and light.

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To build a stylish, exclusive business look, we recommend the women’s suit-Fama trouser based on a beautiful stand-up jacket, with a pepito motif, and the original visual long sleeveless Isabella II.

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Extremely popular, especially among the upper classes, the peplite pattern also comes in various sizes. In classic, sophisticated business ensembles, the smaller and medium sizes of the pattern are the most common, as well as the most popular, traditional colour variety – the duo of black and white. How well a business outfit with a pepito motif can look, can be perfectly seen on the example of our Wonderful Client – Legal Advisor Anna Bufnal, who has just chosen a luxurious women’s suit with a Pepito motif – Fama.

Ponadczasowy motyw pepitki w modnych stylizacjach biznesowych

Esteemed Legal Advisor, owner of the Legal Advisor’s Office – Anna Bufnal chose a classic, extremely elegant trouser with Pepito pattern – Fama..

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It is worth remembering that, as with any pattern – pepito, regardless of the colour scheme, is a less formal outfit than plain styles in elegant colours. Nevertheless, it will work well as everyday business attire, styling for the office, work, professional meetings, etc. Also, because of the origin of the pepito motif and its history – which we wrote about here – pepito will look particularly good in the cooler autumn/winter season.

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The stunning Fama suit also has its own version with a skirt. The invariably reigning motif of this business creation is the black and white pepito pattern.

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