Jakie ubrania są teraz modne? De Marco czarno białe stylizacje

What’s trending? Black and white formal and business styles from De Marco

What’s trending? What clothes are trendy now 2022 / 2023

The combination of black and white is an elegant classic that never goes out of fashion. How to wear black and white ensembles to look good? Why are black and white ensembles the essence of elegance and chic? Here are our black and white duos – luxury business, formal and diplomatic wear from Polish designer Władysława Frączek.

What’s trending now 2022 – 2023?

A wide selection of luxury business and formal wear in black and white, from Polish designer Wladyslawa Frączek. DE MARCO SHOP.

Elegant black and white business styling. The power of authority.

What’s trending now 2023

Elegant women’s business attire offers many more colour options than men’s styles. Depending on the occasion, men should opt for darker colours such as navy blue, black, maroon or possibly dark brown, in order to look elegant and appropriate to their position.

A perfect, classic combination of the W6 Noble Coat in cream white,
with the classic Nela I formal dress.

Women’s business styling, gives you a lot more scope for choice. Women’s business attire allows you to choose creations in almost the entire colour range, excluding bright colours, of course.

A more casual, classic business look in black and white – Regina. The base of the set is a white top dress sewn from airy mesh. It is complemented by a lightweight blouse in sensual black with 3/4 sleeves.

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Luxurious black blazer for successful women Miriam paired with a classicwhite Leandra pencil dress from our Christian IX collection

However, for an important professional meeting, negotiation or presentation, it is certainly worth opting for a creation in colours considered to be empowering and emphasising authority – a set of black and white. During speeches and meetings, it’s also a good idea to rather avoid distinctive and eye-catching patterns – these can unnecessarily divert the focus of the assembled people – from the important points we wish to highlight.

Elegant simplicity in black and white.
Exclusive Fleur II formal set

What clothes are trendy now? The best Polish brands, famous Polish designers! De Marco online shop. Luxury Polish made-to-measure clothes.

Lorena’s sophisticated white departure jacket set
with classic black high-waisted trousers.

Black and white formal sets. Synonymous with elegance and class

An elegant set in black and white will be suitable not only for business situations, meetings or presentations, but also for more official, formal events. For all kinds of parties, galas or speeches – a skilfully selected black and white set will probably meet not only with the approval of the assembled, but also with admiration.

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How to dress fashionably for an important business meeting? For a visit to the presidential palace, for a speech, a symposium and a presentation. Do you want to look professional? You need to take care of the quality of your styling.

Classic black can also be matched with a fancy Nydia formal jacket/coat.

Sets in the duo of black and white, although not very welcome separately, look great as a formal set for family celebrations – Communions, anniversaries and even weddings. A beautiful, high-quality black and white costume, suit or set with skirt, is a perfect – thoughtful and subdued styling, emphasising the rank and importance of the ceremony.

In the Artemia costume, the ‘leading role’ is played by a refined French-style jacket, beautifully emphasising the feminine waistline. The eye-catching hems in the fastening line, on the patches and on the collar – adds a chic and classy touch. Whether worn with a pencil skirt, or with suit trousers – styling in black and white, it will work well for formal professional meetings as well as family celebrations.

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White semi-transparent women’s blouse to go with wide elegant trousers. De Marco The most fashionable casual women’s blouses online shop for Polish designer clothes.

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Black and white styling for business meetings and parties.
A captivating women’s set with Fleur skirt.


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