Elegance on holiday. How to look refined and stylish when travelling

Fashionable dresses for summer. Elegant dresses for your summer holiday.

For travel, we usually opt for casual ensembles based on jeans and a t-shirt. However, the elegant woman, regardless of the inconveniences of travel, does not have to give up looking chic at all. Thanks to the ethereal, airy maxi dresses from De Marco, any female traveller can look sensual and refined while enjoying exceptional comfort.

For her travels and summer relaxation, Ms Monika Karaśkiewicz chose for herself a long, extremely comfortable dress with an envelope neckline called Ina. The versatile maxi dress is perfect not only for travelling, but also for walking, sightseeing and even for an evening out.

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Elegant maxi dress for going out. Ideal styling for summer

Airy maxi dresses are the perfect choice for summer travel. Their lightness, airiness and elegance make them ideal for long journeys – whether on the plane or in the car. The going out long dress from De Marco is not only about style, but also about comfort – thanks to the refined cut and high-quality materials, every woman can feel comfortable and confident.

The Ina formal dress is an extremely feminine, airy creation that is perfect for travelling. Pictured: Ms Monika Karaśkiewicz in De Marco’s summer maxi dress from the Ina line

One of the most inspiring models is the long dress in a flared cut with a comfortable envelope neckline, finished with a turned-up collar. This exclusive cut, combines elegance and practicality, allowing freedom of movement and emphasising the natural allure of a woman’s curves. The envelope neckline adds sensuality, while the collar refers to a classic, sophisticated style. The neckline designed in this way guarantees freedom of movement, especially for ladies blessed with a larger bust. It also beautifully emphasises facial features, adding refinement and optically slimming and elongating the neck.

When travelling, you can enjoy freedom and comfort while looking elegant and sensual. Our De Marco long summer dresses are perfectly suited to every woman’s holiday needs.

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Energetic colours. Fashionable formal dresses for the holidays

A dress in an intense combination of lime with sunny yellow is the perfect choice for an exotic holiday. These energising colours add fun and freshness, blending perfectly with the summer climate. Intense colours are not only eye-catching, but also accentuate the tan, making every woman look radiant and full of life.
An outfit dress in an intense shade works perfectly as a versatile creation. All you need to do is complement it with thoughtful accessories that give the creation its final touch, such as a wide belt, an original necklace or a stylish handbag.

An elegant yet comfortable outfit for travel?

A fashionable dress for the summer. Ms Monika Karaśkiewicz’s styling, tailor-made at Atelier De Marco – is a perfect example of how you can look beautiful and feminine while enjoying comfort during your travels. Monika accessorised her elegant and airy maxi dress in shades of yellow with a simple necklace, a wide tie belt made from De Marco eco-leather, and a comfortable kidney bag for the essentials a woman needs on a trip.

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Long, airy dresses for De Marco summer holidays. Versatile and fashionable creations for holidays 2024

The smooth fabric in a solid colour allows you to easily match a variety of accessories. In this way, the maxi dress can easily transform from a casual outfit for a trip to a sensual dress for an evening out or a romantic walk with your lover. By adding elegant sandals and delicate jewellery, you can create a look that is perfect for a summer evening.

Fashionable dress for summer

When travelling, there is no need to sacrifice elegance and style. The maxi dresses from De Marco combine comfort and sophistication to make any woman feel special, whatever the occasion. By choosing creations in intense, energetic colours, with unique details and a perfect fit, you can enjoy the journey while looking sensual and refined.

We would like to thank Mrs Monika Karaśkiewicz and her husband for making the photos available. We wish you many equally successful trips and more enchanting stylings.

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