Elegancki komplet: żakiet z sukienką

Elegant set: jacket with dress for the Mature Woman.

Elegant set: jacket with dress for a Mature Woman. Ideal styling for ladies 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+ 80+ 90+ 100+ ;)

Luckily, the old-fashioned dresses and sets for mature women have become a thing of the past. Ladies 60+ can now impress, dazzle and captivate with their styling. Here is our proposal of outfits for weddings, communions, anniversaries or official business and cultural events, which will attract many enchanted glances!

Our beautiful client, Ms Konwa Bugumiła, is an exemplary example of an elegant woman.
The right styling – highlights what is special: energy and joie de vivre, self-confidence and a sense of fulfilment visible to the “naked eye”.

Special occasion creation for Women 60+

Elegant formal ensembles: jacket and dress by De Marco

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What should be the ideal dress for a mature woman to look exceptionally elegant and chic in? Although it is only a short time ago that the dancefloor at weddings, anniversaries and cultural events was still dominated by slim-fitting ensembles or rather loose-fitting dresses of difficult-to-find cuts – nowadays many women 60+ no longer agree to present themselves in such outfits. The ideal outfit for a woman in her prime is one that not only emphasises her figure, but above all exposes what is most beautiful about her – her self-confidence, mature resourcefulness and wisdom in life, which allow her to do and choose what she might not have had the courage to do a dozen years ago.

The Honourable Mrs Bogumiła Konwa, in a really elegant, smooth Nela I. exit dress. The deep navy blue colour, considered to be the most refined, makes this dress suitable for weddings and weddings as well as, for example, official celebrations or cultural events.

Fashionable dress for the Mature Lady – what cut and colour to choose?

Elegant De Marco jacket and dress set

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Is there a recognised mandatory palette of colours or cuts suitable for women over 60 that should guide our choice of outfit? Not at all! A woman in the prime of her life, just like any other lady looking for an outfit, should be guided by what she feels comfortable and beautiful in. If shapely, shapely legs are her forte, it’s definitely worth opting for a dress or a set that showcases them. Is a fuller figure an asset? Definitely emphasise them with a more pronounced neckline and exposed cuts. If it’s the colours that make you feel you are you, go for bolder, strong colours that reflect your mood and character.

Our client, Ms Bogusława, is the owner of a beautiful, dignified figure, with clearly defined feminine shapes and shapely legs. Thanks to the styling based on the Nela I dress with Venus IV jacket, not only the figure, but the beautiful oval face and radiant look were exposed.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your trust and choice of our creation – our client, Mrs Bogusława Konwa. We are happy that through our work, we were honoured to be part of your family’s special moments.






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