Exclusive costumes and formal suits

Exclusive formal outfits and suits. The most fashionable formal styles for the evening from De Marco

Not sure how to dress for an exhibition, vernissage, theatre performance or anniversary party? Although the invitation does not always specify the preferred type of outfit, the dress code helps. So how can we dress elegantly for an evening out without running the risk of being too dressed up? Here are some exclusive De Marco outfit suggestions.

Exclusive formal outfits and suits. The most fashionable formal styles for the evening from De Marco

Viana II evening jacket set with long skirt

Elegant women’s costume Esperanza III De Marco online shop

Trust the dress code

Although we often associate a specific dress code mainly with restrictions, the opposite is true. A dress code – i.e. a generally accepted set of rules concerning dress for different occasions, circumstances and times of day – can be of indescribable help, especially in situations where the expectations of the employer or event organiser have not been clearly defined. In such moments, a set of specific rules can protect us from committing a styling faux pas.

Styling that is too refined for the occasion is not appropriate. If you don’t have specific information about the planned dress code, you should opt for formal wear for the evening.
In the picture: exclusive Fortuna formal set.

Women’s formal wear for the evening. When to opt for formal styling?

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Exclusive De Marco costumes and formal suits

As a professionally active woman, a person who is actively involved in society – we participate in many cultural events, celebrations or ceremonies. However, the organisers’ expectations with regard to the dress code are not always clearly defined. In such a situation, when going to an opening, theatre, philharmonic, opera, meeting at an embassy, garden party or gala dinner at a restaurant – it is necessary to choose an elegant formal dress of an evening character – this may be a luxurious cocktail dress, trouser or suit, or a formal costume.

Exclusive women’s costume Elpis with refined collar.

How to dress for the theatre? A luxurious formal suit

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For special occasions in the evening, such as an exhibition, a theatre performance, an author’s meeting – especially if you are concerned about building your image and authority, it is best to opt for a suit or costume. Women, unlike men, can indulge in a variety of colours (barring bright ones), but it is always worth considering darker creations – black or navy blue, naturally associated with the highest elegance.

Fortis suit

De Marco Exclusive formal dresses and suits

The Viana II jacquard skirt set with a formalblack Sydney jacket
is a great option for an evening party or theatre outing.

Modern formal and diplomatic suits from Polish designer Władysława Frączek.

De Marco a luxury Polish brand.

Elegant suits, women’s suits, costumes and formal ensembles from a famous designer from Malopolska.






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