The media about us. De Marco in the pages of ELITA magazine

Exclusive Polish clothing brand De Marco

The latest issue of ELITA magazine featured extensive material on the activities of the De Marco company and its creator, owner and acclaimed designer, Wladyslawa Frączek.

Elite Magazine is a publication presenting profiles of highly successful individuals in their professional or social activities.

ELITES. On the way ‘to the top’. Exclusive Polish clothing brand De Marco

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ELITY magazine is a home-grown publication focusing on presenting in its pages figures who, through hard work and consistency, have reached the professional or social “summit”. Presenting outstanding personalities from the world of culture, art, politics, business or finance – they make an effort to discover and acquaint readers with the secret of their success. ELITES can thus not only serve as a source of inspiration for those embarking on their quest for success, but also shows concrete solutions and tips on how to successfully establish a stable position on the domestic market.

One of the heroines of ELITA magazine – Wladyslawa Frączek: creator, owner and designer of De Marco – a Polish brand of exclusive women’s formal, business and diplomatic wear.

Pictured: as Winner in the Fashion category, at the 14th Polish Businesswomen Awards Gala.

Through the eyes of a designer. ELites on Wladyslaw Frączek and De Marco

In the latest issue of ELITA magazine, you can find extensive material and an interview with Władysława Frączek – the owner of De Marco and a recognised designer, whose services are used by leading personalities from Polish cultural, scientific or political circles – led by the First Lady of the Republic of Poland, Agata Kornhauser-Duda.

Through the eyes of a designer – is a noteworthy piece of material from ELITA magazine dedicated to the activities of Wladyslawa Frączek and her company De Marco.

The publication, entitled ‘Through the designer’s eyes’, features, among other things, beautiful photographs showing some of the exclusive creations designed at Atelier De Marco and the designer’s reflections on the elegant style of the successful woman.

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Exclusive Polish clothing brand De Marco

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