How to dress for a funeral? Stylish women’s creations for funeral ceremonies

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Funeral ceremonies are special occasions where it is inappropriate to appear in an outfit unsuited to the occasion. Here are our styling suggestions and tips to present yourself appropriately at the Last Farewell.

De Marco’s exclusive black royal style coat.

Subdued, dark and classic in form, this creation is the best choice for funeral ceremonies, whether of a Family Member, Friend, acquaintance or co-worker.
In the picture: short black wool Halszka coat
ideal outer garment for a funeral in autumn or winter.

How to dress for a funeral? Formal daytime attire.

Traditionally, for the Last Farewell in our cultural circle, we choose to wear what is referred to in the dress code as formal day wear. An important feature, and one that is very characteristic of the occasion, is colour. In the case of a funeral, both the immediate family and other participants in the funeral ceremony – should choose black or muted, dark colours – such as navy blue, grey or possibly brown.

Black is by far the most appropriate styling colour for a funeral.
The Eduarda II women’s exclusive trouser, is a creation with a classic cut.The
subtle pearl embellishments at the boxy jacket, also in black,
provide discreet elegance, without the fear of being inappropriately dressed up for the occasion.

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It is advisable that whether we decide on an elegant formal dress, a suit, a costume or a trousseau, they should be made of high quality materials, without unnecessary excessive decoration or shine. Our attire is meant to express our grief and at the same time to show respect for the deceased, his or her Family and the ceremony we are attending.

Classy, elegant winter costume complete black wool coat/jacket with pencil skirt.

Funerals in autumn and winter. How do you prepare?

In addition to the right dark outfit for the funeral and possible post-ceremony reception (wake), it is worth remembering to complete the ensemble with a suitable outer garment. This is particularly important in autumn and winter, when the temperature outside may be low and precipitation may abound, directly reducing our thermal comfort.For the Last Farewell ceremony, for formal attire, a ladies’ coat or overcoat, also black or in a darker colour, will be most appropriate. Care should be taken to ensure that, as with the actual outfit – it is elegant and of high quality, creating a tasteful, classic image.

Beautiful winter costume Dinara .

If you want to gently brighten up your styling for a funeral,
you can successfully use an item
with an elegant duo of black and white. DE MARCO SHOP .

Women’s styling for a funeral. Appropriate accessories.

When composing the right set for funeral ceremonies, care should also be taken about what complements the creations. Styling accessories should also be kept in a muted, dark colour. At the same time, although of course the better the quality, the better for the image – they should not draw the attention of the mourners too much. The handbag, should possibly be finer, matching the overall outfit and less ornate. For jewellery to match the formal daytime outfit, it should be subtle and discreet. The elegant finishing touch to the whole outfit, will certainly be a hat, a toque or a fascinator.

A classic, elegant and modest dress in black
will certainly be the best choice dfor a woman’s funeral outfit.
In the picture: black long-sleeved formal dress Marion III.

Anouk’s elegant visit set is made to measure in even the most unusual small and large sizes. In order for the styling to fit perfectly it has to be made individually for the wearer. Taking into account the form corrections for the type of figure.


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