Jak powinna wyglądać matka chrzestna statku? Nasza wspaniała Klientka, Pani Małgorzata Urbańska w luksusowym komplecie De Marco, podczas uroczystości chrztu nowego holownika Fairplay-37.

What should a ship’s godmother look like?

The ceremony of the christening of a ship and the ceremonial launch, together with the selection of the godmother of the vessel – has a beautiful and long tradition. What should a ship’s godmother look like? What styling for the ceremonial launching of the ship would be appropriate?

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The christening and launching of the new tug Fairplay-37, built for the Polish Fairplay Towage, took place at the Safe shipyard in Gdansk. The ship’s godmother – Mrs Malgorzata Urbanska chose for this special event an exclusive set with a formal dress from our Atelier.

The christening of a ship – a unique celebration with a long history

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Traditionally, the christening ceremony of a ship, an event during which a name is officially given to a vessel, customarily associated with the ceremony of breaking a bottle of champagne against the ship’s side, has a long history. The first references to a ceremony of this nature date back to ancient Egypt, where royal ships were launched on the Nile. Although these ceremonies have had various facets, they are now associated precisely with the ceremonial naming of the vessel by a pre-selected godmother.

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Godmother of the ship – a unique function

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The ship’s Godmother is a key figure at the naming ceremony of the vessel and its first launch. This prestigious position is traditionally held by women with a special and distinguished social standing. The woman honoured with this position becomes, in a way, the ‘good spirit’ of the vessel – supporting it, watching over it and the entire crew. Among the Polish Godmothers of Ships we can distinguish, for example, the sculptor, independence activist, Lady of the Order of Virtuti Militari – Jadwiga Barthel – the godmother of MS Batory, or General Jadwiga Sosnkowska – the godmother of ORP Orzeł.

The Godmother of the latest Fairplay-37 tug is Mrs Malgorzata Urbanska, who for the occasion chose a beautiful, classic dress set with a Marion coat, from our Chrystian IX collection.

What should a ship’s godmother look like? Unique styling for a launching ceremony

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The prestigious and honourable function of Godmother of a ship obliges not only to take care of the vessel entrusted to her and her crew, but also to look appropriately presentable. So how should a Godmother present herself at this ceremony? The styling for the Guardian of the new vessel definitely needs to reflect the solemnity and dignity of the event. When choosing a creation, it is therefore important to remember that it should be elegant and refined. Ideally, it should be distinguished by classic, timeless lines and high-quality materials. Due to the specific nature of the event and the fact that the launch will be held outdoors – care should be taken to ensure that the styling not only looks beautiful, but also provides the necessary comfort, especially thermal comfort. These requirements are certainly met by the dress chosen by the godmother of the Fairplay-37 unit – Małgorzata Urbańska. The Marion formal dress set, in muted colours, combines the classic simplicity of a pencil dress with a tasteful coat with aristocratic lines.

The christening and launching ceremony of the new tugboat Fairplay-37, under construction for the Polish Faiplay Towage. The ship’s godmother, the Honorable Małgorzata Urbańska, chose an exceptional creation from our Atelier – a formal set with a Marion transition coat.

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