Miss Beskidy 2024 gala. Emilia Piasecka in De Marco evening gown

Miss Beskids 2024 Gala, Miss Teenage

On 27 June, the prestigious 36th Miss Beskid 2024 gala took place in the Bielsko Cultural Centre. Among the candidates for the title of Miss and Mister Beskid and Miss Beskid Teenager, Atelier De Marco had its own, exceptional representative. The beautiful Emilia Piasecka presented herself at the event in a long, sapphire De Marco evening dress, designed by Władysława Frączek.

Candidate for the title of Miss Beskids Teen 2024 – Emilia Piasecka, on the stage of the Bielsko Cultural Centre, presented herself in an elegant szafir evening dress with a fancy pin/brooch. The creation was designed by Władysława Frączek for Atelier De Marco.

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Minimalist evening gown. Simple and elegant evening gowns 2024 at Miss Teen Gala

Emilia Piasecka’s chosen De Marco evening gown from the Erazma II line, subtly widened at the hem, combines minimalist design with captivating simplicity to create a true work of art. The delicate yet expressive slit not only adds lightness and freedom of movement to the dress, but also subtly exposes the legs, bringing a touch of elegant sensuality to the whole.

The straps of this creation have been designed to expose feminine delicacy and natural beauty. Emphasised in this way, the collar bones and the long neck, give the silhouette a unique lightness and grace without dominating the whole look. It is in this subtle simplicity that the real strength of the Erasmus II long evening gown lies. Contemporary designs are increasingly going for minimalist cuts that, without unnecessary embellishment or exaggeration, can stand out and be memorable for a long time. Source: Private archive

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Ideal for the stage and the most important evening celebrations – the sapphire maxi dress of Erasmus II. Simple dresses for a ball, gala or banquet – are gaining in popularity, providing the perfect ‘setting’ for a woman’s natural beauty. The styling of the beautiful Emilia Piasecka at the 36th Miss and Mister Beskids 2024 Gala is a perfect example of this. Source: facebook.com

Our sapphire-coloured evening gown is a tribute to modern elegance that highlights the uniqueness of every woman. It’s a choice for those who wish to exude class and grace in its purest form, appreciating the power inherent in the simplicity and subtle charm of minimalism.

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Sapphire is a deep, royal colour, associated with the most beautiful jewels of the monarchy, exudes a majestic radiance and dignified beauty – it also looks great on stage. A sapphire evening gown is an expressive styling full of character. Pictured: our gorgeous client, Emilia Piasecka, at the Miss and Mister Beskid 2024 gala in a sapphire De Marco gown. Source: bielsko.info

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The power of evening dress accessories. De Marco’s most beautiful evening looks

Accessories have extraordinary power to transform and enhance the character of evening outfits. One of the most sophisticated options is the hand-moulded pin/brooch in sapphire.
Thanks to its versatility, the brooch can be used to highlight selected areas of the body, such as the décolletage or shoulders, or to subtly conceal one’s imperfections.

A brooch/pin in the colour of the creation, gives it a completely new character, full of expression and temperament. A fancy addition to an evening dress, it enriches the styling and makes it one of a kind. Source: facebook.com

We thank the beautiful Emilia Piasecka for choosing our Atelier’s creations and wish her continued success.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the Miss and Mister Beskid 2024 Gala and its organisers!

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